MSD Lubricants (M) Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Boelube (M) Sdn Bhd) is the sole distributor for Orelube product in the South East Asia region. It was incorporated in Malaysia on 10th October 1989 as a trading company with its principal activities to carry out high technology lubricant business in maintenance for manufacturing industries.

As industries continue to grow, machine equipment requires greater efficiency and longevity . Hence, the maintenance for machine equipment becomes more complex and the process of protecting precision parts against wear becomes more important. Without the adequate lubrication, machine equipment are exposed to greater friction and wear, which then leads to manufacturing downtime.

Therefore, it is essential to implement a basic maintenance program for machine equipment. With Orelube lubricant, it can substantially reduce wear under high load, high speed and high temperature condition. This will help to minimize manufacturing downtime, and consequently save maintenance cost . MSD Lubricants (M) Sdn Bhd carries many products which covers the timber, plastic rubber, steel mill, quarry, transportation, glove, food, automotive and various manufacturing industries.