• White Solid Paste

    Boelube 70200 Solid is used in drilling, tapping, reaming, abrasive belts, deburring, grinding wheels, band, circular and hand saw blades to lubricate the tool. It is cost-effective in a single point work such as drilling and reaming. Boelube 70200 Solid helps to prolonged tool life by reducing the heat build-up by appling the solid to the tool before start-up.

  • Blue Soft Paste

    Boelube Paste is extremely cost-effective in a single point work applications such as drilling, reaming and tapping. Only a minimal amount of paste is required to apply on the tool to improve surface finish, yield closer tolerances and prolonged tool life. For forming and bending application, Boelube Paste provides an excellent means of obtaining maximum stretch area and close tolerance bends by providing superior lubrication that allows the workpiece to attain the desired shape without creating areas that are stressed.