• Diesel Fuel Conditioner

    The AD 7 additive is designed to clean dirty fuel injectors, which is a cause of black smoke. As the injectors are cleaned, the fuel spray pattern is improved which results in better fuel combustion and less engine smoke/black smoke. The reduction in smoke thereby reduces hydrocarbon, particulate and CO2 emissions resulting in a cleaner environment. Carbon buildup on rings, valves and plugs is drastically reduced, and better fuel atomization provides more power generated per gallon of fuel. AD 7 will provide a minimum increase of 4 to 7 cetane #s in fuels, greatly improving fuel combustion.

  • Engine Oil Additive

    Super-concentrated antiwear engine oil treatment formulated to add extra-protective additives into engine oil providing maximum engine protection and efficiency.

  • Hydraulic Oil Additive

    Industrial oil concentrate combining different additives designed to improve the performance of oil-lubricated industrial equipment. Extra-lubrication protection and performance is obtained when added to conventional industrial oils.

  • Multi Purpose Heavy Duty Degreaser

    General heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner removes heavy grime deposits and provides instant cleaning action. Orelube 1035 cleans any surfaces; wood, painted, ceramic tile, rubber tile, vinyl, vinyl asbestos, linoleum, concrete, marble, terrazzo, walls, floors, cabinets, desk tops, auto parts, machinery, appliances, plastic and leather upholstery, brass, chrome, nickel and etc.