• Spindle Lubricant

    Designed for the lubrication of spinning and twisting spindles and rings and high-speed roller bearings such as those found in machine tool spindles, especially grinders. Superior wear protection. Tackifier provides extra-adhesive properties, especially at high speeds.

  • Vacum Pump Oil

    Formulated from highly refined, high VI paraffin base oil for use in most types of vacuum pumps, including rotary and reciprocating types. Low vapor pressure for vacuums as low as 10-2 torr.

  • Fully Synthetic Chain Oil

    100% synthetic, long-life, high temperature chain oil for chain lubrication. Superior high temperature oxidation and thermal stability for prolonged fluid life. High film strength and lubricity reduces chain wear and power consumption. It has USDA, H2 approval to be used in food plant, bakeries and etc.

  • Heat Transfer Fluid

    100% synthetic thermal oil specialized for plastic processing and injection moulding. It can maintain constant temperature and obtain protection against thermoxidative degradation

  • Electrical Discharge Machining Fluid

    100% synthetic electical discharge machining fluid. Aeromatic 0.01 WT% providing a healthier working environment, low odor and reduces damage towards gasket and hoses.

  • Airline Lubricant

    Blended from highly-refined, high VI paraffin base oil specifically to meet the needs of rotary air tool lubrication. Special emulsifier entrains water into oil, rust and corrosion inhibitors preferentially protect metal surfaces in the presence of moisture, and adhensive agents enable oil to cling to metal surfaces resisting the washing effects of water. Protects valves and vanes from sticking and tools from wear.

  • Knitting Oil

    Transparent water-soluble knitting oils formulated from highly refined white mineral oils and special emulsifiers to improve scouring action and complete removal of the oil when fabrics are washed in hot water. Excellent antiwear properties extend needle life even when abrasive synthetic yarns are being used.